• Ekobilet
    bilety na wyciągnięcie ręki
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    Managing distribution process across different sales channels has never been so easy. Ekobilet is a technology enabling ticket promotion, selling, distribution and validation within different on-line and off-line channels. The system works in cloud, providing high system availability and reliability. No initial costs related to hardware, software or maintenance are required. It effortlessly opens new sales channels –Facebook, website, search engine and POS. It can sell not only tickets, but vouchers and subscription cards as well.

    NFC-Ready: Ekobilet was designed to work at the same time on QR code and NFC-based technology, and is ready for the transition in upcoming years.

    More: www.ekobilet.pl

  • Melon
    lojalność owocuje
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    Mobile solution that attracts new customers, keep company’s customers loyal and drive them tospend more. System is designed exclusively for: local stores, retail chains, FMCG brands, serviceproviders and restaurants, spas, salons, boutiques, fitness clubs etc.

    Melon is transactional, based on QR code-based transaction identifiers. These QR codes link yourcustomer to a mobile web app-based version of your company’s customized loyalty program (norequirement for your customers to download a dedicated loyalty application to enroll). Melon’sturnkey, cloud hosted loyalty platform enables you to reward customers based on precisely whatthey spent. Melon is cloud hosted, complete solution, supporting sales and marketing actions.

    Melon is a mobile application for smartphones where customers collect points in loyalty programs byscanning unique QR codes. Viathe application companies can communicate with customers, sendingthem information on new products and services without added costs. It also gives access to onlinereports and statistics on client’s behaviour that can be used in marketing actions. Using our solutioncompanies are able to improve their processes related to customer relationship management and tochange their brand positioning as a new and innovative enterprises.

    NFC-Ready: Melon was designed to support QR code and NFC technology and is ready for NFC transition inupcoming years.

    More: www.getmelon.com

  • GetYid
    systemy bezpieczeństwa
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    Security system dedicated for all companies paying special attention for data protection and information security. System uses two-factor authentication algorithm implemented over secure technology. It can be easily applied to online banking and remote resources. It allows to consciously verify financial operations, such as commissioning purchases and money transfers. GetYid is cloud hosted.

    The mechanism enriches existing passwords/PIN codes with the second dimension of security – one time password being sent to user’s mobile phone. Since mobile phones is a device every user already owns, it is easy in deployment and significantly less costly in maintenance, comparing to hardware tokens.

    More: www.getyid.com

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